Maintaining a happy and balanced mom life involves blending self-care, support, and emotional awareness. A walk in the sun can help start a day. Meditating or stretching for 5-10 minutes can go a long way. The important part is that you are honoring your gut, putting in the work and research when needed, and cherishing the moments— hard and fun along the way. When it’s hard, just remember, that’s when the good work and healing can be done.

Here’s what four experts suggest helps to keep that shine in your parenting journey.

1. Have a code word when someone feels “off” 

Jenna Hermans, author of Chaos to Calm, emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence within the family. Introducing a code word, like “I feel banana,” can help family members express when they feel off or unsure. This strategy fosters emotional awareness and encourages open communication, providing a valuable tool for managing emotions effectively.

2. Identify your parenting triggers 

Katherine Sellery, founder of The Conscious Parenting Revolution, advocates for parents to understand and manage their emotional triggers. By recognizing these triggers, parents can remain calm and better listen to their children. This conscious approach to parenting strengthens the foundation of love, trust, communication, and mutual respect between parents and children.

3. Rewire your brain to relax 

Emmett Miller, MD, introduces the concept of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to form new pathways that help with relaxation during stressful moments. Techniques like autogenic training and Letting Go of Stress, which involve calming different areas of the body one at a time, can induce deep relaxation. These methods help parents manage stress and can also be taught to children for their benefit. The best part is that moms can get a 50% discount on Letting Go of Stress (four different meditations to choose from) if they use the code MomShine at checkout.

4. Lean on mom communities for support 

Jessica Hill, founder of The Parent Collective, underscores the importance of support from mom communities. Joining athletic or creative groups can significantly impact a mom’s well-being. Engaging in activities like working out or playing tennis builds physical health and ensures moms have fun while feeling supported. Partners can help each other in activities that bring joy and fulfillment.

According to the American Psychological Association, the APA’s October 2023 Stress in America survey, which included a nationally representative sample of more than 3,000 adults, showed that women reported a higher average level of stress than men (5.3 versus 4.8 out of 10) and were more likely to rate their stress levels between an 8 and a 10 than men (27% versus 21%)

These expert tips can help you experience parenting challenges more easily, enhance your parenting experience, and ensure a happier and more balanced life for yourself and your family. For more comprehensive advice, including techniques to practice wellness across the whole family and how to build a foundation for success, check out our guide on “20 Quick Tips to Shine” for further insights.