Ever wanted the cheat sheets from other moms and experts on how the heck to juggle it all? I wanted a place to write down all my learnings as I transitioned from a full-time job into more work needed at home. I launched MomShine to simplify parenting by approaching professionals and other moms I admire.

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Plan Ahead to Make the Most of Your Next Family Vacation

Life happens on vacation, but a travel advisor like Kristina Watkins can help. On this special episode of MomShine, she reveals how to determine the right destinations, plan for un-foreseen events, and have the best family vacation ever!

Hi, I’m Alicia!

A career-driven mom with a successful career writing for tech companies adapting to more mom life — the far more challenging job. I quickly realized finding inspiration in this highly underrated role was hard, if not impossible. I wanted a place to shine a light on other moms and highlight my favorite stories and tips, so we can all learn from one another to feel our best. I hope the site helps you feel more supported as you navigate the many parenting problems that arise.

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From Breakdown to Breakthrough

Sixty-three percent of working moms want condensed workdays to have time with their families. I reinvented my career and learned some game-changing advice along the way.

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Self-Care Tips & Mom Advice

Learn how other moms keep shining by building good habits at home, staying true to their core passions, and juggling their careers after becoming a parent.

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I’m Alicia. As an author of five For Dummies® business books, a Forbes contributor, and publisher of countless eBooks and webinars for successful HR tech companies, I wanted a place to shine a light on moms’ stories and wellness tips. That way, we can all support one another with the latest and greatest information. We hope our site and podcast help you feel better and able to shine more in your everyday life!

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